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Technical Data Sheet
Eastman AQ™ 38S Polymer

Chemical Synonym
  • INCI: Polyester-5
  • Adhesives/sealants-B&C
  • Paints & coatings
  • Personal care ingredients
  • Skin care ingredients
Key Attributes
  • Aids the emulsification of organic ingredients
  • Low-viscosity hairsprays
  • No neutralization needed
  • Quick drying
  • Water resistant

Product Description
Eastman AQ ™ 38S polymer is a sulfopolyester that disperses directly in hot water without the assistance of amines, cosolvents, surfactants or other additives. AQ 38S polymer aids the dispersion of many hydrophobic ingredients in water-based products and forms clear films at room temperature from aqueous dispersions. Eastman AQ ™polymers differ chiefly in glass transition temperature (Tg) or softening point. As indicated by the number in the product name, Eastman AQ 38S polymer has a Tg of about 38°C. The "S" indicates AQ 38S is supplied as solid pellets. Eastman AQ linear polyesters serve as film formers in numerous cosmetic and personal care applications. Because of its low Tg, Eastman AQ™ 38S forms flexible films on the skin. It imparts a smooth feel to creams, lotions, and sprays and adheres to the skin. Thus, it is useful as a film-former in sunscreen products, providing excellent water resistance. AQ 38 is added to the water phase and aids the emulsification of oil-phase UV absorbers. AQ 38 provides improved coverage for sprayable sunscreens.

Typical Properties

PropertyaTypical Value, Unitsb
ColorPale amber
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) 
     Dry Polymer35-38 °C
Inherent Viscosity0.32-0.40 dL/g
Melt Viscosity 
     @ 200°C9700 poise
Acid Number<2 mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl Number<10 mg KOH/g
Bulk Density6.5 lb/gal

aUnless noted otherwise, all tests are run at 23°C (73°F) and 50% relative humidity.
bUnits are in SI or US customary units.

Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Eastman makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the values given.

Eastman and its marketing affiliates shall not be responsible for the use of this information, or of any product, method, or apparatus mentioned, and you must make your own determination of its suitability and completeness for your own use, for the protection of the environment, and for the health and safety of your employees and purchasers of your products. No warranty is made of the merchantability of fitness of any product, and nothing herein waives any of the Seller's conditions of sale.

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