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Technical Data Sheet
Eastman™ Copolyester 13319

  • Auto plastics
  • Compounders
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fibers
  • Industrial
  • Lighting
  • Packaging components non food contact
  • Sporting equipment
  • Strapping

Product Description
Eastman™ Copolyester 13319 has a high melting point, low extractables, and good hydrolytic stability. 13319 is suitable for food packaging applications.

Typical Properties

PropertyaTest MethodbTypical Value, Unitsc
Film Properties (Oriented 3X)
Thickness of Film Tested 25 Microns (1 mils)
     (film)D 1505 1.21 g/cm3
HazeD 10034.2 %
     @ 45°D 2457109
Regular TransmittanceD 100391 %
Elmendorf Tear Resistance 
     M.D.D 1922 25 gf
     T.D.D 1922 20 gf
Tensile Strength @ Break 
     M.D.D 882145 MPa (21000 psi)
Elongation @ Break 
     M.D.D 88230 %
Tensile Modulus 
     M.D.D 8822280 MPa (3.3 x 105 psi)
Coefficient of FrictionhD 18940.5
Water Vapor Transmission RateF 3722.3 g/m2·24h (0.15 g/100in.2·24h)
Gas Permeability, O2D 398521 cm3·mm/m2·24h·atm (53 cm3·mil/100in.2·24h·atm)
Pellet Properties
Inherent ViscositydEMN-A-AC-G-V-10.96
DensityeD 1505 1.195 g/cm3
Bulk DensitygD 1895739 kg/m3 (46 lb/ft3)
Melt Density 
     @ 300°C (572°F)D 1238 (Note A- Table 2) 1.09 g/cm3
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)DSC92 °C (198 °F)
Crystalline Peak Melting Point (Tm)D 3418285 °C (545 °F)
Heat of FusionE 79367 kJ/kg (16 cal/g)
Thermal ConductivityC 1770.21 W/m·K (1.5 Btu·in./h·ft2·°F)
Specific Heat 
     @ 130°C (266°F)DSC1.8 kJ/kg·K (0.43 Btu/lb·°F)
     @ 180°C (356°F)DSC2 kJ/kg·K (0.48 Btu/lb·°F)
     @ 250°C (482°F)DSC2.2 kJ/kg·K (0.53 Btu/lb·°F)
     @ 50°C (122°F)DSC1.5 kJ/kg·K (0.36 Btu/lb·°F)
Typical Processing Conditions
Drying Temperature 121 °C (250 °F)
Drying Timef 4 hrs
Extrusion Temperature 299-302 °C (570-576 °F)
Injection Molding Temperature 299-316 °C (570-600 °F)

aUnless noted otherwise, all tests are run at 23°C (73°F) and 50% relative humidity.
bUnless noted otherwise, the test method is ASTM.
cUnits are in SI or US customary units.
dInherent viscosity of film (as extruded) 0.84; film thickness 125 microns (5 mils).
fAt Dew Point -29°C to -40°C (-20°F to -40°F)

Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Eastman makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the values given.

Eastman and its marketing affiliates shall not be responsible for the use of this information, or of any product, method, or apparatus mentioned, and you must make your own determination of its suitability and completeness for your own use, for the protection of the environment, and for the health and safety of your employees and purchasers of your products. No warranty is made of the merchantability of fitness of any product, and nothing herein waives any of the Seller's conditions of sale.

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