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Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Synonym
  • Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate
  • Cosmetic ingredients - lips
  • Fragrance ingredients
  • Skin care ingredients
Key Attributes
  • Contributes to adhesion
  • Derived from a natural, renewable source
  • Excellent plasticizer
  • Fragrance fixative
  • Good oxidative stability
  • High gloss (high refractive index)
  • Low color
  • Low odor
  • Wide solubility and compatibility range

Product Description
Foralyn™ 5020-F CG hydrogenated rosinate, a cosmetic grade resin, is the methyl ester of hydrogenated gum rosin. This liquid resin has good oxidative stability and is given a special steam-sparging treatment to ensure minimum odor. With its low odor and low vapor pressure, Foralyn 5020-F CG is particularly useful as a fragrance fixative. It has excellent solubility and compatibility with non-polar and many polar ingredients in cosmetic applications, contributing both adhesion and gloss.

Typical Properties

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value, Units
Ring and Ball Softening PointASTM E 28Liquid
Color, GardnerASTM D61663 neat
Acid Number (mg KOH/g)ASTM D4656
Viscosity, Brookfielda 
     @ 25°C 5860 cP (mPa·s)
Saponification Number 160 mg KOH/g
Refractive Index 
     @ 20°C 1.519
     @ 25°C 1.03 kg/dm3
Flash Point 
     Cleveland Open Cup >170 °C
Description, Base Resin Hydrogenated Gum Rosin

aBrookfield LVTD, spindle 31

Foralyn™ 5020-F CG hydrogenated rosinate is supplied in tight-head drums.

Resins are prone to gradual oxidation, some more so than others. This could result in darkening and/or it could have an adverse effect on the solubility of the resin in organic solvents or on its compatibility with polymers. Accordingly, inside storage and "first in, first out" inventory control is recommended. Recommended storage: in original packaging, dry, free from contamination, and below 30°C.

Foralyn™ 5020-F CG hydrogenated rosinate material will remain within product specification limits for a period of at least twelve months after shipment from Eastman production facilities in the Netherlands, provided recommended storage conditions are observed. However, as we can neither anticipate the conditions under which the resin is processed nor the end-use applications for which it is used, we recommend that the material be tested upon receipt.

Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Eastman makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the values given.

Eastman and its marketing affiliates shall not be responsible for the use of this information, or of any product, method, or apparatus mentioned, and you must make your own determination of its suitability and completeness for your own use, for the protection of the environment, and for the health and safety of your employees and purchasers of your products. No warranty is made of the merchantability of fitness of any product, and nothing herein waives any of the Seller's conditions of sale.

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