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Technical Data Sheet
Benzoflex™ 1046 Plasticizer

  • Automotive
  • Flooring

Product Description
Benzoflex™ 1046 is a specialty benzoate plasticizer imparting excellent stain resistance in PVC or PVC acetate copolymers. Its high resin solvation at elevated temperatures, coupled with its tolerance for fillers, makes it the plasticizer of choice for wall coverings and vinyl floor coverings. In addition, its excellent rheological properties make it highly desirable for plastisol and organosol applications.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
Color Pt-Co70
Refractive Index 
     @ 25°C1.492
Specific Gravity 
     @ 20°C/20°C1.03
Boiling Point655 °F (346 °C)
Flash Point 
     Setaflash Closed Cup338 °F (170 °C)
Freezing Point<-29 °F (<-34 °C)
Vapor Pressure 
     @ 20°C0.00001 torr (<0.0013 Pa)
     @ 25°C52 cP (52 mPa·s)
     @ 20°C8.6 lb/gal (1.03 kg/L)

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