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Technical Data Sheet
Butvar® B-79

Product Description
Butvar® B-79 is a thermoplastic, polyvinyl butyral resin which offers a unique combination of properties for coating or adhesive applications. The use or addition of polyvinyl butyral to a system imparts adhesion, toughness, and flexibility. PVB retains the clarity of the coating and offers reactive hydroxyl sites for crosslinking with thermoset systems. The broad solubility range of Butvar® B-79 allows it to be formulated into many applications.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
Hydroxyl Contenta11.0-13.5
Solution Viscosity 
     5% solids in SD-29 ethyl alcohol @ 25°C9.0-16.0 cps
Volatile Content5.0 % max
FormWhite, free-flowing powder
Acetate Contentb2.5 maximum
Butyryl Contentc88 (approximate)
Molecular Weightd50,000-80,000
Specific Gravity 
     @ 23°/23°C1.083
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)62-72 °C

a% Polyvinyl Alcohol
b% Polyvinyl Acetate
c% Polyvinyl Butyral
dSize exclusion chromatography with low angle laser light scattering standard.

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