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Technical Data Sheet
TamiSolve® CB

Chemical Synonym
  • Choline Hydroxide 45%; C-base
  • Agriculture intermediates
  • Electronic chemicals

Product Description
TamiSolve CB is a strong organic base. It finds its main application in cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces.

TamiSolve CB tends to decompose slowly upon storage and when heated, resulting in release of trimethylamine and discoloration of the liquid. Eastman developed a stabilizer to cope with these unwanted effects. The stabilizer is based on high boiling organic compounds, avoiding the introduction of mineral anionic components.

TamiSolve CB is a 45% aqueous solution.

TamiSolve CB can be used as cleaning and degreasing agent in the metal industry. Removal of grease from carbodies, before phosphatation and application of the CED – coating, is a typical example.

TamiSolve CB can be used for neutralization purposes.

TamiSolve CB can be used in paint stripping formulations.

TamiSolve CB can be used as a corrosion inhibitor.

TamiSolve CB can be used for the synthesis of choline salts.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
Molecular FormulaC5H15NO2
Molecular Weight121.2 g/mol
AppearanceColorless to light brown liquid
Autoignition Temperature380 °C
Boiling Point90-99 °C
     @ 20°C1.08 g/cm3
Dissociation constant, pKa11.2
Flash Point 
     Closed Cup>99 °C
Freezing Point<-20 °C
Octanol-water partition coefficient, log Pow 
     @ 25°C-2.25
Vapor Pressure 
     @ 25°C28.284 hPa
     @ 20°C25.3 mPa·s
Water solubilitySoluble

Principal chemical properties

Formation of salts, saponification
TamiSolve® CB will react with all acids, resulting in the production of the corresponding salt.

TamiSolve® CB can be used for the saponification of esters, like vegetable oils and greases, ester based photomasks, …

TamiSolve® CB decomposes in the absence of amines. The decomposition is accelerated by heat. During decomposition trimethylamine is formed, as a result the product will have a fishy odor. Aldehydes which are formed during the decomposition will result in discolorisation.

  • Bulk
  • PE drums (224 kg net)

TamiSolve CB can be stored in a stainless steel storage tank or in its original packaging. Keep the storage tank under a nitrogen blanket to minimise the risk of discolorisation. Minimise the contact with air. If possible keep the product in a cool area or a cooled tank.

TamiSolve CB is a corrosive liquid. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles when handling the product.

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