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Technical Data Sheet

  • Growth regulators and stimulators

Product Description
Tenaz is an unique and patented formulation of bio-available silicon. This soluble compound performs its function in two ways.
  1. The accumulation of silicon in the cell wall of the epidermis and vascular tissues confers strength, rigidity and acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents penetration by pathogens.
  2. Soluble silicon plays an active role in nutrient uptake and allocation, the regulation of photosynthesis and stress relieve.

Tenaz can be defined as a product that is leaving no residues and raising no environmental concerns.

Tenaz is used as a foliar spray at 1 to 2 L/ha after dilution in water.

Not all uses and/or products are registered in all countries/regions. Please contact your local Customer Service Representative for availability in your region.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
AppearanceAqueous Solution
     @ 20°C1.05-1.06

  • HDPE cans 5 L, 10 L, 20L
  • HDPE drums 200 L
  • 1000 L IBC’s

Keep the product in original container in frost free conditions.

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