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Technical Data Sheet
Trimethylammonium Chloride 70% (TMA.HCl 70%)

Chemical Synonym
  • Trimethylammonium chloride; Trimethylamine hydrochloride; TMA.HCl
  • Paper manufacturing

Product Description
Trimethylammonium Chloride 70% (TMA.HCl 70%) is a clear, colorless aqueous solution.

TMA.HCl finds its main application as an intermediate for the production of vitamin B4 (choline chloride).

The product is also used for the production of CHPT (Chlorohydroxypropyl-trimethylammoniumchloride). CHPT is used as reagent for production of cationic starch, which is applied in the paper industry.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
Molecular FormulaC3H9N.HCl
Molecular Weight95.6 g/mol
AppearanceClear liquid
Autoignition Temperature>278 °C
Boiling Point 
     100% solution>200 °C
     @ 20°C1.026 g/cm3
Flash Point>200 °C
Freezing Point<-5 °C
Octanol-water partition coefficient, log Pow-2.73
     100 g/l @ 20°C3-6
Vapor Pressure 
     100% solution; at 25°C0.000221 Pa
Water solubilityCompletely miscible

  • Bulk
  • IBC container (1000 kg net)

Due to its high chloride ion concentration, the product is preferable stored in tanks made of PE or PP, or in tanks protected with a coating that is resistant to chlorides. When handling this solution it is advisable to wear protective clothing, suitable gloves and protective goggles. Contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. Avoid any possibility of TMA.HCl being neutralized with a base in the open air, as this would release trimethylamine, which is not only foul smelling but also harmful and extremely flammable (consult the MSDS for this substance).

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