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Technical Data Sheet
Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol, Polyester Grade

  • Chemicals & PETrochemicals
Key Attributes
  • Good Solvent Characteristics
  • High boiling point
  • Hygroscopic
  • Moderate Viscosity
  • Noncorrosive

Product Description
Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol, Polyester Grade is a high purity grade of ethylene glycol with excellent appearance and clarity. Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol, Polyester Grade is used for manufacturing polyester fibers, polyethylene terephalate (PET) resins, and other materials. End products include water and drink bottles, textiles, and carpet fiber. Eastman™ Ethylene Glycol is a clear, odorless, moderately viscous, hygroscopic, and high boiling liquid. Its properties make it useful for various applications including heat transfer fluid, antifreeze, and conditioning agent.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
     as Acetic Acid0.002 wt % max.
Assay99.9 wt % min.
Autoignition Temperature410 °C (770 °F)
Boiling Point 
     @ 760 mm Hg197 °C (387 °F)
     Pt-Co5 max.
Critical Pressure8200 kPa
Critical Temperature446 °C
Critical Volume0.187 L/gmol
Empirical FormulaC2H6O2
Evaporation Rate 
     (n-butyl acetate = 1)< 0.01
Expansion Coefficient, per °C 
     @ 10-40°C0.00070
Explosive Limits in Air 
     Lower3.10 Vol %
     Upper42.0 Vol %
Flash Point 
     Closed Cup111 °C (232 °F)
Freezing Point-13 °C (9 °F)
Hansen Solubility Parameters 
     Hydrogen Bonding26.0 MPa½
     Nonpolar17.0 MPa½
     Polar11.0 MPa½
     Total33 MPa½
Heat of Combustion-1053 kJ/g·mol
Heat of Vaporization 
     at Boiling Point53.1 kJ/g·mol
Liquid Heat Capacity 
     @ 25°C150 J/(mol K)
Liquid Viscosity 
     @ 25°C17 cP (mPa·s)
Molecular Weight62.07
Refractive Index 
     @ 25°C1.4307
Specific Gravity 
     @ 20°C/20°C1.1157
     in Water, @ 20°CComplete
     Water in, @ 20°CComplete
Surface Tension 
     @ 20°C48 dynes/cm
Vapor Density 
     (air = 1)2.1
Vapor Pressure 
     @ 20°C0.06 mm Hg
     @ 55°C1 mm Hg
     @ 25°C1.11 kg/L (9.26 lb/gal)

Compatibility and Solubility
Miscible with water, alcohols, aldehydes.

Handling Precautions
Slight irritant to skin and eyes. Irritating in case of inhalation. Hazardous in case of ingestion. Ethylene Glycol is not compatible with oxidizing agents, strong acids, strong bases, aliphatic amines, isocyanates, chlorosulfonic acid, and oleum. Ethylene Glycol should be kept away from sources of ignition, smoking, and open flames.


If trace iron or color contamination is of concern, a stainless steel, aluminum, or epoxy liner storage vessel is recommended. A nitrogen blanket with slight positive pressure is recommended to prevent trace water or the accumulation of trace impurities through oxidation. The freezing point of ethylene glycol is -13°C, and heating or insulation is recommended at cold temperatures. Contact with rubber, zinc, copper, and tin are not recommended.

Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Eastman makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the values given.

Eastman and its marketing affiliates shall not be responsible for the use of this information, or of any product, method, or apparatus mentioned, and you must make your own determination of its suitability and completeness for your own use, for the protection of the environment, and for the health and safety of your employees and purchasers of your products. No warranty is made of the merchantability of fitness of any product, and nothing herein waives any of the Seller's conditions of sale.

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