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Technical Data Sheet

Product Description
Cedroz™ is an innovative new post-planting, terpene-based nematicide for the control of root-knot nematodes in fruit and vegetables. The product is a copy of a natural plant defense mechanism and hence nature identical. The two active compounds, thymol and geraniol, together have a synergistic mode of action that increases their efficacy in treated soil. Cedroz shows effective performance against root-knot nematodes, resulting in high-quality products and high yields.

Mode of action
Thymol and geraniol act against nematodes via diverse mechanisms. Thanks to their lipophilic nature, the primary mode of action of thymol and geraniol is to accumulate in cell membranes, causing loss of integrity of the membranes due to a change in composition of fatty acids and phospholipids with consequent lysis, release of cellular substances, and ultimately death of the cell.

Typical Properties

PropertyTypical Value, Units
Thymol content36.9-45.1 g/L
Geraniol content113.7-128.3 g/L

Cedroz is a capsule suspension (CS) containing 121g/L geraniol (CAS 106-24-1) and 41g/L thymol (CAS 89-83-8).

Viscous liquid, light brown, oily odor.

The Cedroz formulation, patented by Eden Research plc, uses a natural microencapsulation technology. This innovative system promotes suspensibility without the use of emulsion solvents. Once applied to the soil, the capsules provide modulated and gradual release of the two terpenes through the microporosity of the capsule wall.

Cedroz can be used on many different types of cultivation, including:
Tomato, Pepper, Eggplants, Cucumber, Zucchini, Melon, Watermelon Pumpkins and Strawberry

Cedroz is applied by drip irrigation at 9 L/ha with a 5 to 14 day interval, up to 6 applications per crop cycle. There is no pre-harvest interval.

Drip irrigation
For a high degree of efficacy, apply Cedroz at 225-450 mL per 100 L of irrigation water (0.225%–0.45%), using between 4,000 and 2,000 liters per hectare, respectively. Cedroz must be applied on damp ground using irrigation volumes that are enough to distribute the product over the full stretch of land containing the roots.
Distribute approximately 50% of the volume of irrigation water to be used and apply Cedroz afterward, concluding the irrigation cycle with the remaining clear water.

Application interval
Never apply product on the day of transplanting. First application is 1 day before transplanting or 1 day after. Follow-up at an interval of 5 to 14 days up to maximum 6 applications.

Because of the local activity, there is no residue in the crop. Cedroz can be used until the day of harvest.

No residues

No preharvest interval

Favorable environmental profile

Flexibility and ease in application

Multisite mode of action

No development of resistance expected

Can be used as part of an integrated soil care program

Principal chemical properties
- Capsule suspension

- pH = 5.7

- Water solubility = miscible

- Density = 1.02 kg/L

- Shelf life: 2 yr from production date if kept under proper storage conditions

Keep the product in the original container, at room temperature. Avoid temperatures above 25°C and frost conditions.

Keep the product and empty container away from heat and sources of ignition. Heating or fire can release toxic gas.

Properties reported here are typical of average lots. Eastman makes no representation that the material in any particular shipment will conform exactly to the values given.

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