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Technical Data Sheet
MARLOTHERM® LH Heat Transfer Fluid

Product Description

Marlotherm LH provides good heat transfer down to temperatures around 0°C. At working temperatures below 0°C, the heat-exchange surface need to be matched to the technical characteristics of Marlotherm LH and the flow conditions. Marlotherm LH is best suited for temperature control of vessels, reactors, and processing machines which are both heated and cooled by a central heat-transfer system, as well as systems in which several consumers have to be supplied at very different temperature levels.

Marlotherm LH can be used at working temperatures above 280°C in pressurized systems.

Typical Properties

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value, Units
General Properties
Normal Boiling Point 
     @ 1013 mbarASTM D 1078approx. 278 - 282 °C
Pour PointDIN ISO 3016approx. -30 °C
Flash PointEN 22719approx. 130 °C
Autoignition TemperatureDIN 51794approx. 510 °C
Physical and Thermal Properties
     Visual liquid, clear
ChlorineDIN 51408< 10 ppm
Acid NumberDIN EN ISO 3682≤ 0.02 mg KOH/g
     @ 20°CDIN 517570.99 - 1.00 g/ml
     @ 20°CDIN 515623.6 - 4.4 cSt

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